Weapon Types

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Weapon Types

The lovely metropolis of Night City offers a great deal of vendors, legal or illegal, who can offer a great selection of the best the market can offer.

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Weapon Types: Melee, Smart, Tech, Power
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September 11, 2020

The lovely metropolis of Night City offers a great deal of vendors, legal or illegal, who can offer a great selection of the best the market can offer. And, let’s face it, I’m sure the game is also going to offer a good ration of NPCs who will carry interesting weapons with them, and I hope they’re not important for the main plot, because loot is always an option. I take the opportunity to remind you that weapons can be modded in Cyberpunk 2077 although we don’t know yet the specifics on how this is going to work.

In Cyberpunk 2077, We have handguns and other types of pistols, machine guns, and your standard basic hurt-and-kill equipment that every edgerunner needs. But I know you didn’t come here for that. We already know that. Let’s cut to the chase shall we?

Melee Weapons

They may seem useless in a world where everybody carries a gun and there are so many different types of ammunition, but if you don’t have to face a heavily upgraded individual, a comfortable knife is always great for stealthy kills. Fast, silent for the most part, deadly. A classic. Not to mention they can be easily upgraded with neurotoxins, like this neurotoxin combat knife, originally developed for protection against wildlife, but Night City is a jungle. So go for it.

Let’s say you’re a stylish person who watched way too many Asian martial arts films and want something more old-fashioned like a katana? I know it sounds like a trope, but Arasaka can provide. Like the knife, katanas can be upgraded with some exotic attachments, like a neurotoxin coating or an EMP discharger. But you can go beyond, and get cyberware modifications for deadly knuckles, or Arasaka’s best-seller, the Mantis Blades. Or maybe you watched Johnny Mnemonic way too many times and fancy a nanowire. Melee weapons can be deadly in experienced hands and with the appropriate enhancements, so don’t discard this option as a secondary weapon, especially if you intend to be a stealthy netrunner. But stealthy netrunners are not the only ones who can take advantage of close combat weaponry, as strong solos can also upgrade themselves with Gorilla Arms, a powerful cyber enhancement that will give you an edge in a fistfight, but will also allow you to open heavy doors. But the combinations of weapons and cyberware is not only here for a stealth approach.

Power Weapons

If you’re strong enough, or enhanced enough, to deal with the recoil, power weapons are for you. The only people allowed to carry them in Night City are law enforcers, especially corporate law enforcers as this is a great weapon of choice for them. So you may want to make sure you’re not caught with one of those out in the open and too close to the Corporate Plaza, although no one made rules for close encounters with your friendly boostergang. Because, probably, they have some of those too. The power category includes all kinds of firearms, from cheap and unreliable revolvers and shotguns to brand-new, precisely engineered automatic pistols, submachine guns, assault rifles, and machine guns. If you like these weapons, your favorite brand will be Constitutional Arms, manufacturers of this beautiful piece of killing machinery called the Constitutional Defender. I think the name is solid enough.

Tech Weapons

But these are not the only powerful weapons we’re going to find in Night City, no! We just warmed up! Would you like to know about tech weapons? Hell Yes! I know. Tech weapons are firearms that incorporate rail gun technology, firing solid high-velocity projectiles that are propelled with an electromagnetic charge. Although they have a slower rate of fire than other firearms, they more than make up for it with their awesome range and penetrating power. Did someone say Techtronica? These weapons use caseless ammunition, which is able to penetrate most personal armor, and you can even try with vehicle armor but if you’d like to try with Adam Smasher he may not be amused. So make sure he doesn’t wake up.

Smart Weapons

They are weapons that fire guided ammunition. Where you Focus your Kiroshi Optical Implant, The Bullet will Follow. You just need to adjust the target and, voilà. The bullet will find it, and will even predict its movement with quite a decent accuracy. Kang Tao is the specialist on these types of weapons but, to be able to use them you will also need the appropriate cyberware: a smart grip in your hand and a Kiroshi implant in your eyes, this way the weapon will fire by the power of your cyberware.

Heavy Machine Guns

But not all weapons in this universe are required to be carry around with you, There are heavy machineguns that are too large and impractical to be carried without very specific cyberware augmentations but, guess what? A strong solo can have these augmentations in Cyberpunk 2077, so you can rip a heavy gun off their turret and live out your Terminator Power Fantasy. Militech and Kang Tao are excellent manufactures, but as this is considered military-grade equipment you’re going to need some contacts in the underground to be able to lay your hands in these beauties. As I said before, if you intend to pay for it. Prepare to spend some serious eddies.

Once you’ve chosen your favorite weapon, there are two things you can do with it: you can personalize it with modifications and add the most advanced attachments, and you can load it with the ammo that suits the task best. Planning is always a great strategy. With regards to attachments, we have optics, sights, suppressors, front grips, or even grenade launchers, if you’re up for some fireworks. They can be installed on different firearms in modular slots, and almost every gun has a few of them.


When choosing ammunition, the key is choosing the right tool for the job. No one is too augmented to deal with you if you have enough EMP rounds to shoot them in the chrome and step back to laugh while it fails. You have a city to burn? Incendiary rounds are your choice! Or ballistic acid.

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