Orbital Air

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Orbital Air

Orbital Air is the leading megacorporation when it comes to the transportation of passengers from Earth to any place outside it

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Headquarters: Nairobi, Kenya
Member Count: 104,000
Leader: Antoine DuBois
Type: Cargo, Passenger Transport, Maintenance for Commercial Orbital Facilities
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September 11, 2020
Orbital air is the main megacorporation when it comes to space travel and cargo transport, no one else can send you to the stars like they do.

If you don’t believe me, ask the German megacorporation Euro Business Machines, that had the audacity to block a takeover from the air giant, not only that, the German’s Black Ops team was so clumsy they got caught, and they ended up immersed in the first corporate war and, who would’ve expected that conclusion? The losers of EBM had to withdraw from the battlefield, not without casualties, but you know, Germans, they never know when to withdraw.

The History of Orbital Air

Orbital Air is a gigantic megacorporation from Nairobi, Kenya, and is the main company if we’re talking about cargo and passenger transport from Earth to any place outside it, offering also services of maintenance of commercial orbital facilities. They hold a key position in the 21st Century: with their large fleet of French-made Hermes space planes, they monopolize all orbital lifting capability, with the exception of a few governments. Although  no government can compete with the wealth and power of a megacorporation so you can guess they don’t offer the same services. Orbital Air likes to think of itself as the King of Space, and it probably would be if it wasn’t the Euro Space Agency around because, everybody wants to believe they own the space but actually only the Euros do, and even not that much as they like to think.

But the European Space Agency and Orbital Air play together, a money influx from the Euros and their help to win the First Corporate War made Orbital Air the company it is today.

Many corporations rely on Orbital Air for the transport of cargo out of the gravity well. The massive orbital colony of the Euro-Space Agency, called Crystal Palace, which is a fancy name for nothing more than a hotel complex for the ultra-rich, and a corporate section for corporate politicking, Crystal Palace would be out of business without them. Let’s not forget that Crystal Palace is full of corpos, this kinda outlines the type of relation Orbital Air has with other mega-corporations. With all commercial space cargo dependent upon them, Orbital Air stands in a lucrative position that it would very much like to maintain.

A large part of this megacorp’s budget and covert resources are put to use ensuring that they remain the leaders of orbital technology, and that the competition doesn’t make it off the ground. Or at least don’t make it off the biosphere because, you know, hostile takeovers, missiles, explosives…

Current Affairs

Currently, their eye is on China, like everybody else, which is improving its commercial lift capability rapidly. Also, Euro-flight Corporation is expanding its operations, and expecting to bring orbital services online soon. This has Orbital Air slightly worried about their monopoly, that’s why they’re putting so much effort in controlling the Johnson Orbital Facility, you know, this big metallic shoe box hanging in Low Earth Orbit that is a transfer station for passengers traveling from Earth to Crystal Palace, or any other point in space, where they switch from the space-planes that come from the surface of Earth to space transport shuttles assembled at the Orbital Air’s workstations or purchased from the Euro-Space Agency.

Their equipment and resources are impressive: 35 orbit capable Hermes Scramjet space-planes, 35 corporate jets, 70 AV-7 urban assault vehicles… you name it. Orbital Air is well equipped, and has access to almost all levels of military equipment. It is primarily interested in space defense and air-superiority weaponry to protect its orbital and air-borne resources. But when you visit their offices at the Corporate Center of Night City don’t expect to be welcomed with toy guns. Because they have the weaponry to put you in orbit without you setting foot in a plane.

Orbital Air is the leading megacorporation when it comes to the transport of people and passengers from Earth to any place outside it, and we could see the island property of this megacorp in the trailer of Cyberpunk 2077 that CD Projekt Red showed past E3, what are the chances that we can visit space, Crystal Palace or any other interesting colony in Cyberpunk 2077 or any of its (already announced) expansions?

Orbital Air maintains a lucrative position, and it's a very good friend of the rest of megacorps, that trust Orbital Air the transport of their precious cargo to the space stations or workshacks they operate in. It's a very powerful corporation indeed, very well connected and has access to all levels of military equipment, so messing with them is not a great idea!

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