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One of the world's largest manufacturers of weapons and military vehicles, with fascilites on every continent. The company provides equipment for hundreds of nations and private and government organization, especially US military and police forces.

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Corporation: Militech International Armaments
Founder: Antonio Lucessi
Branches: Arms and Vehicle Manufacturing; Mercenary Contracting
Year Founded: 1996, Rebranded: 2002
Member Count: 647,500
Last updated:
September 11, 2020

The Rise of Militech

Militech was founded in 2002, although technically half of the company existed since the 70's and was called Armatech-Luccessi International, founded by the Italian expat Antonio Luccessi, an excellent weapons designer, although he didn’t team with General Donald Lundee until the 90s and didn’t change the name of the company to Militech until 2002. In 2077 Militech is still the largest arms manufacturer in the world, in addition to one of the largest mercenary forces of Earth, they specialize in weapons and military vehicles manufacturing, mercenary services, and police services, which makes them a direct competitor of the Japanese conglomerate Arasaka. Militech also began experimenting with correctional facilities in the 20s, and they operate maximum security prisons and lower-security penitentiaries.

In the late 90s, due to the collapse of the American economy, the US government decided that it was time for their army to lower their arms budget and they decided to open their decision to contest to decide what new brand of weapons were they going to use. Among the officials present in these firing trials was General Donald Lundee, Marine Corps Chief of Staff who was one of the youngest officers ever to serve on the Joint Chiefs. The trials ended with 3 finalists, one of them a humble Italian arms designer called Antonio Luccessi, who designed his weapons himself and manufactured them in a small but successful firm called Armatech-Luccessi International. Unfortunately, even though Luccessi’s rifle was, by far, the best in quality, and very affordable, as there is this thing called corruption, another brand already secured the contract before the trials even started, and a year later American soldiers were sent to fight the First Central American conflict armed with unreliable rifles with catastrophic results. General Lundee was saddened by the fiasco, and more he would be if, at that point, he knew what this war was about, disappointed by the corruption in the army that endangered the life of American Soldiers he resigned from the Marine Corps to accept the offer of a CEO position at Armatech-Lucessi. Yes, apparently General Lundee was ethically totally against corruption. Yes. When he wasn’t on the winning end of it.

Expansion begins

As a former Pentagon chief, Lundee was extremely well connected into the military-industrial complex and had many extremely wealthy industrialists and venture capitalist contacts. He was able to fund mass-production and introduce them in the American army, and after the First Central American Conflict fiasco the Army started to notice that maybe using shoddy and overpriced merchandise that was there on the strength of contractual inertia alone, maybe it was time to raise the quality and lower the price. Which is something Armatech could offer and as this was a worldwide crisis, the US government wasn’t the only government who loved this pitch as soon as Armatech secured a lot of contracts around the world. Catapulting the company to the status of megacorporation. Which was accompanied by a change of name: from Armatech-Luccessi International to Militech Arms International. The expansion of the company was fast, and by the 2010s, Militech was the largest defense contractor to the United States and several other countries and corporations as well. Which allowed Militech to buy some of its competitors that were weakened by the collapse, and become even bigger. Unfortunately, some of these companies didn’t want to be bought, so these take-overs were done in the style of the Dark Future- Corporate Wars. Not to confuse it with the 4 BIG corporate wars in. There are also small corporate wars all the time. Militech uses freelance solos for the black operations because they run against people with very sophisticated sources and information gathering networks, so any company team, no matter how experienced, can ultimately be traced back to the parent corporation by someone with the eyes and ears in the right places.

Into the 2020's

Militech took one of the wisest decisions in the history of the company, they entered into the business of mercenary contracting and Police Services. This movement was watched closely by one of the most politically powerful megacorps in the world: the Japanese conglomerate Arasaka, who became famous around the world for offering the same services. This commercial competition was just the tip of the iceberg as the enmity between Arasaka and Militech goes beyond the economic field: the founder of the Arasaka Corporation, Saburo Arasaka, hated Lundee with a passion and saw him as the incarnation of his personal demons when it came to Japan surrendering at the end of World War 2, he never got over this failure, and on his side, Lundee was very jealous of the military power of Arasaka, and already suspected that the secret influence of the Japanese conglomerate wasn’t something that could be seen easily from the outside, as Saburo Arasaka held the unofficial position of Most Powerful Man on Earth.

Lundee is an ambitious man and of course, his enemies are no small-timer cooks. So the other corporation Militech had a long enmity with was no less than the biggest one in the Cyberpunk world: the German manufacturer Euro Business Machines. But they also had friends, even on corporations that, from the outside, seem to be direct competition as it’s the case of Lazarus Group, the other big American Military Contractor, as Lazarus buys millions of dollars’ worth of military equipment annually to Militech and Colonel Lazarus and General Lundee were friends in their times in the army. I wonder if Lundee took the decision of Lazarus to stay neutral during the 4th as a backstab. Another of the very powerful allies of Militech is the energy giant Petrochem, a company that collaborated with Militech in the development of new CHOOH2-fueled engines and power systems, although at the same time they compete in arms manufacturing.

Militech began using shady tactics possible to fulfill Lundee’s goal of becoming the biggest military force in the world. In 2021 an oceanic megacorporation called International Handels-Marine collapsed, and two competing corps, OTEC and CINO, started to fight for the remains of the Nautitech giant. While the Eurobank sat back watched all of it happen like it had nothing to do with them. It's not like they had a contract to acquire IHAG shall this company declare bankruptcy. but this contract said they needed to wait 5 years, no problem, they had plenty of patience. Meanwhile, they could eat popcorn and move some strings to watch OTEC and CINO destroy each other in this corporate war, that started as your average and small corporate war.  OTEC and CINO realized soon that their in-house forces weren’t enough for this particular battle. They decided on moving in on the idea to contract mercenary contractors.  OTEC ended up hiring Militech while CINO hired the eternal rival of Militech, Arasaka. And as this world is actually a sci-fi game of thrones, guess what? Militech put  Morgan Blackhand at the head of OTEC security, who apparently was a double-agent who also worked for the President of the United States Elisabeth Kress and informed  her directly. Although this is not proved, and while working on this position Morgan’s right hand was the deadliest of Militech’s agents: Anastasia Luccessi, granddaughter of Antonio Luccessi, co-founder of Militech. Who was the head of the Black Ops unit for Arasaka? The Cyborg Adam Smasher, the eternal rival of the solo Morgan Blackhand.

Rising Tensions

Tensions were beginning to rise when enemies of the Japanese conglomerate Arasaka started to suddenly die while connected to cyberspace.  A Militech mid-level corporate appeared dead while connected to his car and shortly after Arasaka raided the offices of Militech in Night City, using the access codes of this late mid-level corporate.  Can it be the SoulKiller? It was thought to be lost in 2013. Militech thought this could be the SoulKiller and they didn’t like the military advantage this virus gave to Arasaka as it was used for digital interrogation, so they thought maybe they should need the help of the most experienced netrunner when it comes to the SoulKiller: the programmer Alt Cunningham. She was very pleased to destroy the SoulKiller but she thought, I’m going to need some help, so she asked the Master of Netrunners Rache Bartmoss to join her in the effort and join Militech’s ranks. To Rache Bartmoss, the man known for hating megacorporations with a passion. He didn’t take this invitation very well and the help of the Morgan Blackand was needed to prevent Bartmoss from attacking Militech as reprisal for the offensive invitation.

After some begging, he agreed to help. He located the SoulKiller master program that was hidden In the most popular location of Night City: The Arasaka Towers in the corporate center. This space that Johnny Silverhand has a habit of destroying by the way. Because in 2013 Silverhand infiltrated the Arasaka Complex in the corporate center of Night City, and to do so, he caused a riot, which caused structural damages in the complex which Arasaka had to rebuild soon after. They built the Arasaka Twin Towers in its place but during the Fourth Corporate Wars the infiltration team including Johnny Silverhand detonated a Mini-Nuke located inside of it. Not only had the Arasaka Tower had to be rebuilt, but also the whole city had to be rebuilt. As well. In 2077 Arasaka had built another towering corporate building in the the City Center District of Night City at the end of the Unification Wars in 2071.

During this touristic walk of Militech into the Arasaka Towers they also freed the engram of the rogue son of Saburo Arasaka, Yorinobu Arasaka, enemy of the conglomerate and founder of the Steel Dragons. Militech ended the Fourth Corporate War and was nationalized by the government of the States. So we can guess what were they doing during the State of Emergency of President Kress during the Time of the Red.

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