Adam Smasher

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Adam Smasher

A full fledged Cyborg, with little humanity left to be seen. He is the Rival of Morgan Blackhand and dealt the killing blow to Johnny Silverhand.

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subject details:
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Arasaka
Home: Night City
Life Status: Alive
Last updated:
September 11, 2020

The collapse was the big apocalypse of the Cyberpunk Universe and it happened after an amalgamation of the 4 biggest agencies of the United States, headed by the CIA, tried to rule the country and among other idiotic ideas, they hacked the World Stock Exchange to give the false impression of American’s wealth and try to impress the Europeans. But as soon it was discovered the World Stock Exchange collapsed, and this started a domino effect that ended up in the collapse of many economies in the world. Including the United States. Turning it into a third world country. This collapse made millions of Americans pretty mad because they lost their pensions and funds, so they started to revolt to try to contain the riots the government of the States declared Martial Law. Which is one of the bloodiest periods in human history, and this was the world in which Adam Smasher grew up.

During the Martial Law, the army of the United States took the streets by force killing gangs left and right. and when they killed all the members of Adam’s gang he thought that if you can’t beat your enemy, the best thing you can do is join them. So he joined the Army and six years after that he was kicked out for insubordination because apparently, he had a issue following orders. He then went back to New York to do some mercenary work, extractions, assassinations, “demolitions”, all the typical things a Solo does to make a living, no work was too dirty for him and he made a big bundle of eddies and a name for himself. So much that he impressed one of the Megacorporations he worked for. The Japanese conglomerate Arasaka.

An Op Mission That would change Smasher forever

was on the horizon. Smasher was doing an Operation for the Japanese conglomerate. He ended up received more bullets in his back then his body could handle. He ended up flat lining for over 8 minutes until doctors could stabilize him, well, his brain, because there wasn’t much of his body left. But Arasaka liked him,  his style, performance, and his lack of qualms. Because he was quite a sadistic fucker, for him collateral damage and civilian casualties are the humorous part of his job, so they offered him a very juicy proposition: a fully cybernetic body conversion that Smasher wouldn’t be able to afford by himself, because it is usually extremely expensive. In exchange for a 15-year employment contract.

Not that Adam had a lot of options, because he either took Arasaka’s offer or their doctors would pull the plug of his life support off and say goodbye Adam Smasher. So he said, well, you know, why not? So he went from an almost entirely meat body to a fully cybernetic body strong enough to use a racing bike as an improvised melee weapon. Not only that, but his type of full-body conversion also allowed him to remove and exchange parts of his body.

Smasher can replace his forearm with a Tsunami Arms Gatling shotgun,  he also has the ability to swap his face mask to avoid being recognized. it’s a complete customizable body from head to toe.

This new chromed body gave him the philosophy of "metal over meat" that is too typical of cyberpsychos. It's not like he was a sympathetic person to start with though. So he went on as a Corporate Solo for Arasaka joining any kind of mission he was asked, unless obvious suicide or double-cross. He continued to grow in reputation. So much that he became a rival of the Solo of Solos, Morgan Blackhand. The reason why Morgan is the most famous Solo is that Rogue had and Arasaka's target on her back so she wasn't very comfortable appearing in any of the "Top 10 Best Solos" lists. Because the skills of both were quite matched, Adam was always trying to provoke Morgan to see if he would pick a fight. But Morgan only ignored him because a good solo has no time for bullshit. Which only enraged Adam further and you know how these people are. They want their share of attention and if you don’t give it to them they go bat shit insane.

This continued on for 7 years until the 4th Corporate War between Arasaka and Militech erupted. Adam Smasher was Arasaka’s Live Opus Magnum and his Arch Enemy, Morgan Blackhand was Militech’s property. The difference is Morgan was OTEC’s Head of Security. The side of the 4th Corporate War that hired Militech.

Smasher loved to get his hands dirty during his operations. he lead these black operations himself because Arasaka’s attacks, especially during the 4th, are normally as personal as possible. Adam, being the sadistic tyrant he is, Used Troops under his command  to carry weapons that were more likely to kill than injure because casualties are not actually the point. Not that the head of Arasaka’s Covert Ops Team, Haruko Kanawa, had any kind of issue with it.

Adam Smasher had an absolute thrill killing in the name of Arasaka

―Causing as much mayhem as he possibly could.  At one point in the War, Arasaka drew back to Night City. Due to Night City being their Stronghold. It so happened to be that the one individual in charge of the Arasaka Towers in Night City was our friendly neighborhood Cyborg, Adam Smasher. and if you know a little of the history of the 4th Corporate War you know where this is headed.

So before this happened, the Master of Netrunners, Rache Bartmoss, discovered that Arasaka hid the Soul Killer’s master program in Night City.  Rache Bartmoss ended up eradicating the Net with the Soul Killer Program and with it, he destroyed all the information that Megacorps had locked inside the net. Arasaka also had a offline database in Night City which was the only operative database left in existence. Militech was eager to obtain it, as they wanted to destroy the Soul Killer master program. Militech organized an operation with two strike teams. One led by the Solo, Morgan Blackhand and another, The Legendary Rockerboy, Johnny Silverhand.

So what’s a Rockerboy like Johnny Silverhand doing in a such a maddening situation such as this? Well, he started his career in the army, so it’s not like he wasn't experienced. It also didn't help that Johnny despised Arasaka with a passion.Silverhand’s team meets Smasher’s unit in a very unfortanate moment of time. Johnny Silverhand just discovered the digital soul of the love of his life, Alt Cunningham, is trapped in Arasaka’s mainframe. So in an attempt to buy time for his team to free her, he faces Smasher in a very suicidal fashion and Adam opens fire with APDS rounds that cut the Rockerboy in half. Some moments later, a Mini-Nuke exploded nearby. Further proof of his death is located in the chapter of the book where this is explained and is titled “Johnny’s dead, babe Johnny’s dead”. In the next page where this adventure is explained. The book states, “If any players are with Team Alpha, they can participate, but Johnny must die, and Adam and Shaitan must be left alone to battle at the end. So, Johnny is dead, baby, Johnny IS dead.

Another Solo from the Unit called Shaitan, attempts to murder Smasher. Sadly, although Shaitan is also a full cyborg, His attempts are futile against the massive cyborg Adam, so Adam quickly incapacitates the poor soul. Smasher being the sadistic tyrant he is, instead of killing Shaitan, he puts his still-alive head in a cryogenic pod to keep him alive to use him as bait to force Morgan Blackhand to face him.

Morgan Blackhand was on the rooftops of the Arasaka Towers attempting trying to destroy the satellite link that Arasaka was going to use to transfer the information from the database in Night City to their home offices in Tokyo. Adam appears with the head of Shaitan and begins provoking him. "If you want to save him, you’ll have to go through me.”  Morgan faces Smasher while a Militech AV evacuates the rest of the team, and a mini-nuke explodes, far enough to not kill them in the explosion, but the building collapses with these two fighting, and the fate of Smasher, Blackhand, and Shaitan was not known until his reveal in the first episode of Night City Wire. The ware abouts of Shaitan and Blackhand are still unknown.

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