New Images from The World of Cyberpunk 2077 have Leaked

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July 13, 2020

he Wonderful World of Ebay, Where 3rd Party Sellers around the world fail to follow guidelines. Ah yes, Thank you Internet. Today we're given another glimpse into The World of Cyberpunk 2077 Book by Marcin Batylda. Which You can Pre-Order it Here coming out later this month if you haven't already.

Also, Special thanks to JackJake on Twitter for Upscaling a few of the images provided.

We're given quite a few new new things to look at including some New Ads, A look at some Valentino / Moxes / Voodoo Boys Concept Art and New Weapon Manufacterers.

Starting off with Ads We're shown a new Abydos Ad Which is quite something. The color scheme is absolutely stunning.

We are also shown a Midnight Lady Accessories Ad ― What looks to be the Female alternative to Mr.Studd. Tazer nipples anyone? Well if so you're dream just came true. (Atleast in the form of an Ad)

Next up we have a new Concept Art piece ― a Member of the Voodoo Boys Gang, Which reminds me of someone straight out of The Matrix - Given the Dreadlocks, Slick Glasses, and Long Coat.
Following that we're shown a few pieces of Valentinos Concept Art ― which shows off some of their Street Art, Tattoos and Clothing Style. So Far the Valentinos have looked super slick. The Valentinos Member in the bottom left part of the Character Concept Art Image looks to have a mix of Cyber & Heavy Traditional Body Modifications to make his appearance look similar to El Lucifer or Demon.
We're also shown a few new (but rough) captures of the Moxes gang and their particular style. Absolutely digging the Dark-Skinned Female with the Afro. She looks absolutely badass.

After that, We're shown to be what looks like the negative side effects of Brain Dance. Having these Concept pieces, This is possibly foreshadowing some of the Darker Brain Dance themed story elements.

Last but not least ― We're given a look at what appears to be a Militech Pistol shown in the original 2013 Teaser Trailer as well as a bunch of Weapon Manufacturer's that have yet to be discussed or revealed.
  • Darra Arms
  • Budget Arms
  • Constitutional Arms
  • Malorian Arms
  • Militech
  • Arasaka
  • Kang Tao

New Unannounced Manufacters which include:

  • Tsunami
  • Nokota
  • Rostovic
  • Some form of Russian Manufacturer
  • One other Ineligible Manufacturer

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