NETRUNNER 2077 Patch Notes for Update 1.02

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August 3, 2020

Good Morning Choombas. Today we have Patch Notes for Version 1.02. Yes, NETRUNNER 2077 has patch notes for Updates. I'm all about transparency. This will happen on a weekly basis, sometimes Bi-Weekly depending on the project length. I've stated NETRUNNER 2077 will never remain static, and I intend to keep that promise. Adding new features, bug fixes, new pages, sections, assets, and so on each week. So, lets get started shall we?


Bug Fixes

  • Removed additional features and assets intended for Desktop resolutions that were appearing in smaller resolutions.  Due to them not displaying correctly at smaller resolutions these were removed.
  • Fixed Lore page layout that would repeat for longer articles, Background extension coming in the future.
  • Fixed "Welcome To Night City" On The main page displaying incorrectly for some resolutions
  • Fixed Bottom Article page Layout for 1080p and lower not displaying correctly on desktop/laptop
  • Fixed Lore Page Breadcrumbs Home button taking you back to Lore Main instead of Site Home
  • Removed Required "Name" from Newletters signup below Article
  • Fixed Discord Social Link button in Newsletter Section Below Article
  • Fixed Article Page Newsletter Margin length
  • Fixed Concept Art page margins for smaller resolutions
  • Fixed Screenshots page margins for all resolutions

New Features

  • Added Parallax Smoke, Brain Dance Technician Glove, and BD Shack Assets to Article pages for Desktop Users.
  • Added Additional Parrallax Image field to Lore Pages (You can see this being used in the most recent Lore page additions)
  • Added Affiliate Image links to Cyberpunk 2077 Products & Merch on Article Pages.
  • Added New Lore Category: Technology
  • Added New Article Category: Updates

New Lore


  • Added A New section to Official Screenshots - Direct Feed Trailer & Gameplay Screen Captures. Over 50+ Additional High Quality 4K Screenshots have been added to this section.
  • Added Fan Art from Last weeks Fan Friday to Fan Art section of the site
  • Latest Videos from all Content Creators in The Black Wall will now update automatically due to a plug in swap

Quality of Life

  • Removed Preloader From Article Pages to significantly decrease loading times
  • Added Border Color to Social buttons in Navigation Menu for Better Visibility
  • Ambient Music is now set to ON by default for Article pages due to positive feedback.
  • Added a darker tint to Audio Button Background for new users to quickly identify Audio button in bottom left hand corner.
  • NETRUNNER 2077 NEWS is now available for RSS Feeds here:
  • NETRUNNER 2077 LORE is now available for RSS Feeds

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