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July 28, 2020

h yes, the good 'ole Youtube algorithm, working its magic in all the wrong places. Luckily it was cut right near the ending of the podcast so there were plenty of details to be noted. Overall a fantastic Podcast with Miles Tost where he went over several in-depth details to how multiple systems operate within the World of Cyberpunk 2077. I've got a list below that many fans might find interesting. Lets cut to the chase and dive in shall we?
If you prefer to watch check it out here:

Don't care to watch? It's all good. The majority of the details are here, but I highly suggest you watch the entire thing.

  • There is a lot of Freedom of the Individual when it comes to level design to allow for maximum creativity.
  • Staff work closely with one another in collaboration in order to spark the magic to create something special when it comes to merging quest design with level design.
  • During Witcher 3 development they didn't have an Open World based team when it came to level design. For Cyberpunk 2077 they have an entire team designated to the open world aspect of the game.
  • When it comes to the open world, Even for being a Senior Level Designer, there will still be content that is completely fresh to him due to the absolute complexity to the world design.
  • The atmosphere at any time of day is absolutely astounding from not only from visuals, but the audio is heavily emphasized so well. He recommends having a good set of cans. ( My suggestion, grab in a good DAC/AMP as well!)
  • Exploration in Cyberpunk is more moment to moment than Witcher 3.
  • Exploration is much more valuable in Cyberpunk 2077 - You never know whats around the next corner. Leaving several surprises for the player to find in the world. Every area creates a question in your mind begging you to explore further.
  • They want players to get lost in night city to explore the secrets that are hidden within the giant metropolis without relying too heavy on the system map.
  • You can spin the map around and look at it from different directions and allows for zoom in/out but you cant look into actual house units or anything ridiculous.
  • Cyberpunk isn't a water exploration game. It would be unbelievable. You can swim and dive, there is some content based in the water but they didn't focus their efforts on underwater content.
  • Cyberware isn't effected by water. It's 2077, expect water resistant cyberware.
  • About the Techie Class: When they were making cyberpunk they had this great idea of having a fluid class system which has a huge amounts of different perks which you can invest in. They didn't want to hold players in any sort of restriction. CDPR wants to allow for as much freedom as possible to allow the maximum amount of customization to the user as possible.
  • The Netrunner was too similar to the Technie and they realized that there was no incentive for one user to pick one over the other due to similarities. It made it too difficult for QA to understand why they would choose one over the other as the two classes were so similar in design.
  • With that they were concerned about what would happen with Flathead because of the loss of the techie class. With Johnny being with you a large amount of game time they had to cut down the use of Flathead but it definitely has its special moments in the game.
  • Flathead is not considered "Cut" from the game
  • What happens when you cause absolute consistant chaos? It's nothing you haven't seen before, If you start shooting civilians and the NCPD catches you, you will be branded as a cyber psycho and dealt with accordingly... Most likely,  Death.. Or Maybe you can get lucky.
  • They want Cyberpunk 2077 to be as believable as possible. They're a story focused game at heart. The police are very tough and no easy challenge. Much like Witcher 3.
  • There was no point of a Cyberpsycho system for V due to how the traditional system of Cyberpyscho works. It basically means game over. Although, There are several scenarios where you will run into Cyberpyschos.
  • V can roam the world and run into Cyberpyschos which will trigger special events, Sort of like mini bosses in a sense. Some will have story elements.
  • Choices can have a great impact on your story experience, Some will be for there "Flavor" depending on the life path to help sell the life path you've chosen.
  • A combination of both life path and skill choices have a ripple effect on the story.
  • One thing that Miles really wants to get across to the fans is when it comes quests, They have gone out of their way to add old fashion role playing elements to where lifepath and skills really comes into play. They really want you to be into the path you've chosen and roleplay your character through out the game.
  • Miles says that he loves the corpo path, but it varies depending on who you talk to because he really loves all of the life paths and how well the differences have been ironed out.
  • Environmental destruction- It's still very much apart of the game, if anything its gotten more destructible. it makes combat more visceral and reactive.
  • Enemy Netrunners are able to hack you on the spot- NPC's Will several perks that are also available to Players, Expect a challenge.
  • Racing is still confirmed
  • CDPR is keeping other mini-games close to their hearts. expect some surprises.
  • CDPR wants to avoid spoilers as much as possible. They really emphasis on wanting to let the player experience the world first hand
  • There is a FOV slider
  • After the prologue, the entire map becomes available for you to explore. Although, depending on the area, you will run into higher level enemies.
  • ORBITAL AIR is still a a mystery, and lets just leave it at that.
  • You'll be able to ride in boats but not drive them.

    That was all I was able to take notes of before the infamous Youtube cut. The rest remains unknown. Overall, a fantastic interview, interrupted by the ugly algorithm of Youtube. God dammit.

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