Another Day, Another Large Haul of "The World of Cyberpunk 2077" Peeks.

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July 16, 2020

he closer we get to the release of The World Of Cyberpunk 2077 from Dark Horse Comics, The more peeks we seem to be getting as the month goes on. Earlier Today ― Eldenwald, A German Youtube Channel, Posted a Quick 3 Minute Impression Video for the upcoming Book. If you haven't Pre Ordered it yet, You can do grab the Regular Version Here and the Deluxe Edition Here ― Which comes with a sick Custom Cover and extra goodies to boot. The Video below contains quite a few new flashes of images that have yet to be seen until now.

Images include:
  • Two new Kiroshi ads
  • Militech Auto Turret
  • Vehicle Manufacturers: Quadra, Chevillion, Villefort, Mahir Motors, Yaiba, Makigai, Mizutani, Archer and Thorton.
  • Decker, Tenaka & Rogers (DTR) Concept Art
  • A Sneak Peak of Core Tyger Claw Gang Leaders & Locations
  • 2nd Amendment Ad (Seen Previously)
  • Empire Ad
  • Real Water Ad Featuring some extra crispy lips and some bad teeth!
  • "Security You Can Trust" Ad (Unknown Who it belongs to) Reference to Johnny Mnemonic storage capacity?
  • The Back of T-Bug's Head - Showcasing a High Tech, Matrix inspired "Jack In" Port for Advanced Netrunning.
  • Glimpse of Lizzy's Bar Concept Art with a Small Picture of Judy Alvarez on the bottom left hand side.
  • Glimpse of New City Center Concept Art
  • Nomad family ‘ALDECALDOS" Preview
  • A few more Glimpses of the Voodoo Boys

Translations to pages are located below the Image Gallery, if you're interested. Took a while to get it all done, but I tried to Translate as much as possible.

Cyberpunk 2077 Book Image 1

Car Theft

10: Despite many modern security measures, more than 100 cars are stolen every hour in Night City

11: The interior of modern cars is designed for driver efficiency and passenger comfort. Even with cheap models, the driver can adapt almost all elements of the driving experience to his wishes

12: Fans of the >> kitsch << fashion style have a preference for the geometric lines and angular proportions that dominate Archer's vehicle design.

13: In addition to its passenger vehicles, Thornton is best known for a wide range of commercial vehicles, including pick-ups and delivery vans.

Cyberpunk 2077 Book Image 2


Downtown is also one of the younger neighborhoods in Night City that sprouted from the ruins after the rough explosion. The history of old downtown ended in a wave of nuclear detoxification. Now chic elegance prevails here, from the office and apartment complexes to the corporate hotels and restaurants. I come here at night and the wide, brightly lit streets are full of people and traffic, illuminated by ubiquitous neon signs advertising pubs, bars, strip clubs, fast food chains and hotels for one night. Dowtown is not just one of the posh subdistricts; it is the social heart of Night City.

My friend Marc is waiting for me in one of the bars to show me downtown after sunset. This time I have to pay for my drinks myself. I take the first one while Marc makes the differences between downtown. Japantown and Watson's entertainment district. Break up and get the bill for my drink. Downtown is a damn expensive plaster, that's for sure. Like the rest of night city, downtown also has a second face that remains hidden during the day and only appears afterwards. There are dark alleys, shady ones. Backyards and notorious hotels, where drug deals and black braindance are produced, they want their own version of spab, and some of them even earn extra income as bouncers or bodyguards.

Cyberpunk 2077 Book Image 3

Aldecaldos Nomad Family

[Nomad Group] : Aldecaldos (Unknown Family, Not enough data)

[Estimated Size] : 500 - 400 in the region around Night City, tens of thousands overall

[Known Members] : Saul, Dakota Smith

[Distribution Area] : North California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, South California

[Bases] : Varying, the ones closest to NC were located between Highway 101 and the ruins of Rocky Ridge

[Tag and Colors] : (See Image)

[Threat Level] : Unknown (Estimated: Medium)

[Cyberware] : Reflex boosters, heavily modified cars and motorcycles

Faction Overview: One of the more well known nomad groups of the west coast, whose roots lay in Los Angeles. The Aldecaldos set up temporary camps all over the desert but never gather up completely. Their caravan operates in the free state on the west coast where they transport passengers and goods in convoys over the border.

History: The Aldecaldos were founded in the early 21. Century in Los Angeles. Their founder, Juan Aldecaldos was an immigrant who held a powerful speech in front of the press after his son had died under crossfire in a gang shootout. Juan showed his disapproval with the decay of America and his message reached thousands who felt the same. During the collapse he led many immigrants out of Los Angeles to Mexico City. The so called Aldecaldos organized and helped other nomadic groups in the rebuilding of Mexico City. After Juan's death the group returned to California to hurry their leader in his hometown. During the next thirty years the Aldecaldos were led by members of the Santiago family.

Means of income: The Aldecaldos work as scrap collectors and harvest helpers. they are also making their own alcohol and smuggle black market goods. Some clans and families focus mainly on the smuggling buissness and deliver their goods all the way along the nomad trail- from North America all the way to the crime cities.

Cyberpunk 2077 Book Image 4

H I E R  G E H T ' S LOS! ( The Beginning of The Cyberpunk Style, An Interview with the Legendary Rogue )

Hi Rogue! It is an honor to meet you in person. I hadn't thought we were talking face to face the old fashioned way.

Hello ... Josh, right? It was brave of you to ask me for an interview. I was almost impressed. And I was curious. To be honest, I probably had refused, hadn't changed a few ... things lately. In my job, I have little time for journalists. So it's probably your lucky day today.

Then I thank you all the more.

Let's get down to business. You said you want to talk about my cyberpunk past. Why?

We're bringing a report on the comeback of cyberpunk style. And then we wanted to find out what it really was like 50 years ago. What it meant to be a cyberpunk at the time and how modern cyberpunk differs from it.

You have used the expression >> Cyberpunk << quite a bit now, but hopefully you will know that hardly anyone uses it - not today and not before. People preferred titles like >> Edgerunner << and >> Mercs << ... But well, let's talk about >> Cyberpunk <<

But you're one of the icons of cyberpunk. I mean, that's a fact, isn't it?

Cyberpunk is a term from another time. An outdated description for a street rebel who deals with the all-powerful, negative pressure system. If I ever had such romantic tendencies, they are long behind me. I'm sorry, I'm no longer a >> cyberpunk << - if I've ever been one.

[Cyberpunk style] was about resisting the corporations to oppose authority - just with style. You wanted to live at the limit. You wanted to be where the Molotovs flew. You wanted the Molotovs yourself throw.

But 50 years ago you could have been called cyberpunk, right? How was that?

It was about the same thing that the street is still about today: your attitude, your style, life at the limit. Everyone wanted to look cool and dangerous, with new cyberware and fancy weapons - and you had to look out as if you were ready to use them. It sounds like a cliché, but that was the ABC if you wanted respect on the street - and the A stood for Attitude. It is still like that today. If you think like a loser, then you are a loser. So think like a killer. These are the natural laws of the street.

And >> Style and Substance << ?

This motto came up in 2020 when a new style became popular. He was called >> kitsch << and Cyberpunks and other non-conformists gratefully accepted him. The core of this street philosophy was: Your appearance and your personal style are your trademark. It doesn't matter how good you are at anything, you just have to look good while you are doing it. Drawing an expensive layer of RealSkin over the cyber arm was suddenly boring. It was better to show his chrome arm open to stand out from the crowd. You killed an entire Arasaka special force? Cool, but did you use a gold-plated pistol and only wear a leather jacket, acid-bleached jeans and sunglasses? That was what you could build a reputation for.

What do you think about the resurgence of cyberpunk style?

These pink mohawks and synthetic leather clothes that the kids wear today ... All cheap copy. When we rebelled, we had a goal. The point was to protest against the corporations, to oppose the authority - just with style. You wanted to live at the limit. You wanted to be where the Molotovs were flying. You wanted to throw the Molotovs yourself. You wanted some vision and the guts to do something really bizarre.

Something like the 2023 attack on the Arasaka Towers. Is it true that you were involved?

[leans forward] Nice try, little one. You're not the first reporter to ask me that, and you're not going to be the first to get an answer. [laughs]

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