At its core, Netrunner 2077 is a Cyberpunk 2077 Mega Fan Site with the Major Addition of allowing Fans around the World to Submit multiple forms of Content for the Community to Enjoy and be Inspired by.

What Does NETRUNNER 2077 Offer?

NETRUNNER 2077 Offers an All-In-One Platform for Cyberpunk 2077 Fans all across the World to Immerse themselves in and enjoy. NR 2077 Covers everything related to Cyberpunk 2077. Rather it be Dedicated Content Creators, Fan Crafted Content, Official Media, News, 8K Videos, Guides, Mods or anything else. It's all here at your finger tips to dive into, create, and submit to be shown to thousands of fans across the world.

What's the point of NETRUNNER 2077 when there are Gaming Websites & Several Social Channels such as Twitter & Reddit covering Cyberpunk 2077?

Cyberpunk 2077 Content & Fan Crafted Content is wildly spread throughout the deep pockets of the Net. NETRUNNER 2077 packs it all up, organizes it all, throws it in the right spot, and lets it shine. So you can easily find whatever you're looking for.

Social Channels
One second its there, One hour later its gone. Then your feed is once again covered in Memes, Cyberpunk Official Funny Twitter responses and Cat Videos.. again. It's hard to keep up with everything that has actual value to you without having to dig endlessly through search engines when you need something.

Gaming Websites
Mass Coverage Gaming Websites tend to focus on getting as many clicks and throwing as many Sponsered "Top 10 Best Hardware / Peripheral" Ads at you as possible.. No matter if the article is accurate or not. A lot of it can be considered inaccurate Click Bait.

The majority of the time, Regular Journalists can only report on the surface level and fail to go into as much depth as they can. It isn't always their fault seeing as Gaming Journalists typically have to meet a daily quota of articles written and just don't have time to extensively cover a single title.

Gaming Websites also have a tendency of missing a lot of content that is valuable to fans of particular titles. So they only cover the biggest stories or stories that will drive clicks.

All News, Images, Videos, Cyberpunk 2077 Dedicated Content Creators, Fan Crafted Content, and MUCH more is bundled up into one Neat, High Quality, Extensive, Organized, Slick Looking, Cyberpunk 2077 Themed Platform. Where you can easily find anything and everything you're looking for when it comes to Cyberpunk 2077.

What About the Future of NETRUNNER 2077?

With as large as a Franchise that CD Projekt Red plans to turn Cyberpunk 2077 into and as long as there is support for the NR 2077 Platform, NETRUNNER 2077 will be around for many, many years to come. NETRUNNER 2077 will be at the forefront of every corner when it comes to delivering everything fans could possibly want when it comes to Cyberpunk 2077.

 There are several new pages and systems in the works. As well as furthering Optimization, Responsiveness, Unique Page Design, Art and so on. NETRUNNER 2077 with the help of the amazing Cyberpunk 2077 Community will continue to push the envelope in delivering as much High Quality Content as possible.

Future Plans include but not limited to:

― Cyberpunk 2077 Lore:
Covering every corner of the Cyberpunk 2077 universe, Lore sections will come over time after the first few weeks of NETRUNNER 2077's launch date of July 27th, 2020.

Cyber Fashion Showcase: Show off the Visual Aspects of your badass customized version of V to the world. Inspire and be inspired by others clothing & weapon customization combinations. Showcase everything your V is wearing in striking style, Where other people can find the listed items In-Game and more.

― Community Mods (TBA)& Reshade/Gshade for the PC Release : A fully featured section of the site showcasing people's incredible (and sometimes odd) modding skills. More details about how this large feature will work in the future (If Modding is possible for Cyberpunk 2077)

Community Screenshots Submission: Getting a Next Gen Nvidia card and wanna show off how Night City is suppose to look at its finest? Manage to capture a badass moment? You'll be able to showcase it all for everyone to see soon enough.

― Secrets, Easter eggs, Guides & Tricks Submission: Found something insanely cool in the world? Noticed a unique way to approach paths in the game? You'll be able to submit all of that and more down the road.

― Fan Cinema:
Plan on making a badass or hilarious Fan Movie in game? Or maybe you have a live action fan film planned? You'll be able to submit and showcase them all. Yes, even the movies about your Joy Girl/ Boy addictions.. ya Filthy Metalheads.

―Cyberpunk Online: Lore, Guides, Builds, Player Showcases, News, Patch Notes & More

―Cyberpunk Edgerunners:
Lore, Episode Reviews, News, Wallpapers & More

How many Individuals help run NETRUNNER 2077 and How long did it take to make?

NETRUNNER 2077 is Designed, Crafted,  Initially Financed and Ran by Preston Dortch or Ani HVX.
Valency Graphics helped supply the cyberpunk 2077 logo resources found along many of the pages. While Madqueen writes the vast majority of the Lore.

It took a total of 2 Months and 5 days. Working from 8 AM -> 12:00 AM - 7 Days a Week.(A handful of 24-32 Hours Straight) Designing, Redesigning, Upscaling, Editing, Writing, Networking, Coding, Researching, Troubleshooting and so on. In order to Deliver the launch of NETRUNNER 2077 in a decent time frame.

In a Sense, NETRUNNER 2077 is a Passion Project brought to digital life in hopes of doing something I love for an incredible Community of Cyberpunk Fans. Along with CD Project Red, Who I look up to, that helps drive me towards my dreams of making a difference in the Industry with an incredible Community of Gamers and Cyberpunk Fans around the world.

If you appreciate or would like to Support the work I do at NETRUNNER 2077 and would like to see this Fan Site thrive for years to come, Consider joining The NETRUNNER 2077 Patreon as there are many benefits to be offered as well!